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Frequently Asked Questions

How long will results from the COVID 19 antibody and viral swab test take?

Results from the antibody screening will take approximately 8-10 minutes and you will receive an informative packet with your results.
The viral swab is sent to a laboratory for detailed analysis and may take 5-7 days to process. We will contact you ONLY if the results are positive.

What is the benefit of getting both antibody and viral particle screening?

By combining both modalities, we are offering a superior screening test. This will show if you actively have the virus, have been exposed recently or in the past.

How accurate are the results?

The IgM and IgG antibody screens have a 90.4% sensitivity (true positive) and a 98.3% specificity (true negative) rate. The viral swab is designed to be 99% specific, however, this varies depending on viral load, collection accuracy and technique. Certain medical conditions and medications that lower your immune response may decrease your body’s ability to produce antibodies. This may show up as a negative result even if you have been exposed. We are attempting to mitigate this effect with the viral particle screening.

I don’t want a swab in my nose. Can I just get the antibody screen?

Yes, you may obtain just the antibody screen, or just the swab. There will be no difference in pricing. Please understand that by only undertaking one, you are limiting the efficacy of our screening method.

What is the difference between the IgM and IgG antibodies?

IgM levels rise in your blood between 3-7 days after exposure. IgG levels typically rise between 5-15 days after exposure and typically remain up to 4 months to a year. By checking both, we are assessing if you have had a response to COVID-19 recently or in the past.

What happens if I get exposed after getting screened?

Any exposure after testing may lead to infection. The antibody screening and viral swab do not guarantee immunity, only gives insight into your exposure status.

Can multiple people in a single car get tested?

Yes, multiple people in 1 car may get tested. They must be sitting in a window seat.

What is SARS-Cov-2 ?

SARS-Cov-2 is the name of the virus that causes the disease COVID-19 or coronavirus disease. Viruses, and the diseases they cause, often have different names. For example, HIV is the virus that causes AIDS.

Can Your Mobile Unit come to our Workplace?

COVID-19 Antibody testing is a great way to get your employees back to work to resume a safe work environment.  Our COVID-19 Antibody test can be performed on-site at your business or at a site that is convenient for you.

Do I need an appointment?

We welcome Drive Ups!  We do set a certain amount of Drive Up kits for each day.  However it does not guarantee availability.  Scheduling an appointment guarantees your kit will be there for you!

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